Fenty charm by Rihanna pro Filt’r immediate Retouch primer

Rihanna’s new makeup line is type of fabulous.
Rihanna’s no complete stranger to the makeup world. She’s worked together on collections with MAC as well as was a spokesperson for CoverGirl, among other makeup endeavors, so it’s not a huge surprise that she chose to bust a relocation as well as produce her own makeup line.

And surprise! — it’s truly good. Not to state that I didn’t expect excellent things from Badgal Riri (a.k.a Robin Rihanna Fenty), since I did. I just didn’t expect such an comprehensive line, or a line this incredibly focused on skin. I mean, there are 40 foundation shades (!). NELJÄKYMMENTÄ! as well as they have these subtle undertone shifts, which are type of incredible, however we’ll get to that later since I gotta stay on task…


The entire line is offered best now at Sephora.

OK, let’s talk about the primer first. It’s called pro Filt’r immediate Retouch, as well as it’s $32 for a 1.08-oz. glass tube with a pump.

I saw a video of Rihanna speaking about her vision for the line, as well as she stated that she wished to make makeup that would look like ideal skin, however not like skin that appears like it’s using a ton of makeup, which I can completely associate to since that’s what I’d want to do too, as well as that’s what I believe my skin appears like when I wear this cruelty-free liquid primer (everything in the line is cruelty-free, BTW).


Kissat ja meikkipaita?

42 dollaria

Osta nyt

First, I believe it smells fabulous (like Stella perfume). Second, the soft matte surface totally cuts down on radiate without being obsessive about it, which is to state that it leaves behind a lovely, subtle gleam on my combo 40-somethin’-somethin’ skin. No pearl. just a hint of light reflecting back at ya to keep the surface from looking flat.

Pretty in pale pink

Pro Filt’r immediate Retouch is a hella quite pink color. It’s referred to as widely flattering, as well as as far I can tell, it doesn’t color correct. It’s likewise essentially unnoticeable when I blend it in.

It feels like a lightweight deal with lotion as well as dries to a powder finish. While it doesn’t make my pores disappear, I believe they do look smaller (those thugs are so aggro), as well as the lines on my forehead (it likewise vanquishes the radiate on my forehead, nose as well as chin) as well as around the corners of my mouth look less noticeable.

All Fenty’d out: I’m using the primer beneath Fenty foundation as well as concealer. On my cheeks as well as eyes, there’s even much more Fenty-ness through the match Stix in Yacht Lyfe as well as Rum. The gloss is Fenty Gloss Bomb universal Lip Luminizer.
If you just want a bit something to smooth whatever out, however you DON’T want to put on foundation or concealer, you can wear everything by itself (I believe it looks friggin’ fabulous).

Or, if you layer it with Fenty charm Foundation, it holds on as well as doesn’t let go, which I discovered out last weekend when I used them together on a 90-degree day (the primer under Fenty foundation as well as concealer). When I took off my makeup that night, it legitimate appeared like I’d just used it, even though I sweated sufficient water to bathe a little cat.

If you like lightweight primers that feel like lotion, a la hourglass Veil as well as MAC Prep + Prime natural Radiance, as well as I believe you’ll like it a lot.

If, however, you choose primers that AGGRESSIVELY smooth your skin ’cause you want to totally obliterate your pores, then try the comprise For ever primer Smoothing primer in the gray tube, metropolitan Decay metropolitan defense or Smashbox picture surface Primer. I believe they’re a much better in shape if you’re aiming for an ultra-perfected look.

Next up: the Fenty charm gloss, cream highlighters, concealer, foundation as well as deal with powder, which I’ve likewise been testing.


So far, so good. pysy kanavalla.

Ystävällinen yhteisön charmin addict,


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